Budget Accommodation in Murchison Falls National Park offer you brilliant comfort and relaxation at the lowest cost rates possible that is within your budget. Budget travelers always expect less but you will be overwhelmed by the splendid facilities/services at these accommodations. Therefore, no need to cancel your safari because of insufficient money, please go ahead and fulfill your adventure dream to the Murchison Falls National Park as these budget hotels/lodges have got you covered.

These include;

Red Chilli Rest Camp
Red Chilli Rest Camp is a splendid budget safari lodge situated in the southern sector of Murchison Falls National Park on the outskirts of Paraa in the Northwestern part of Uganda. It is positioned in the middle of the park and situated close to the southern River bank of the River Nile.

Red Chilli Safari Rest Camp has got well-furnished and self-contained bandas and Safari Tents each with en-suite bathrooms, flushing toilets and solar heated water. Those interested in outdoor camping, the Camp has got that provision. For the cottages, there are single, Double/Twin and family cottages. Choice is done basing on the number of people that you have come with on the Safari.

The Camp is facilitated with a splendid Restaurant that will provide you with mouthwatering meals. Special meals are as well prepared but on order. For the coffee/Tea lovers, it is readily available at any time needed and at no extra cost.

Relax and enjoy the African sparkling stars in the evenings after having a hectic day in the Park around the Camp fire as well as enjoying a sip of your favorite drink from the Camp’s fully stocked bar. You can as well choose to have your dinner from here if you wish to.

At the Red Chilli Rest Camp, there is an opportunity to do Nature walks, Community walks where you will be able to interact and get entertained by the local people around Murchison Falls National Park.

Global Village Guest House
Global Village Guest House is an elegant budget accommodation located in Pakwach. It takes you only 1hr 50minutes to get to Murchison Falls National Park. Its location will leave you fascinated as it gives you panoramic views of the African homesteads around it and the beautiful Murchison Falls National Park.

Global Village Guest House is built in a typical African style that will give you a real African feeling and make your stay memorable. The rooms are well-furnished, decorated and maintained with comfortable beds, chairs, tables and wardrobes in a way that meets your accommodation expectation.

The outstanding beauty of the Global Village Guest House will leave you fascinated as it gives you panoramic views of the African homesteads around it and the beautiful Murchison Falls National Park.

The lodge offers pleasing free and secure parking space. It also has a good Restaurant that will provide you with cozy meals plus a well-stocked bar with different drinks.

The terrace at the lodge is a perfect place to relax from after a long day in the Park. Enjoy the cool breeze as well as the chirping birds in the ambiance.

Kalalo Cottage Inn
Kalalo Cottage Inn is found in Pakwach in the Northern Part of Uganda and its only 5km from the Murchison Falls National Park.

It has got 13 cabins with breathtaking panoramic views of the Park. Each cabin has got a private bathroom with free toiletries.

The rooms at Kalalo Cottage Inn are single, double and family room which are all well furnished with free daily housekeeping services and laundry services.

Kalalo Cottage Inn is facilitated with an outstanding Restaurant that offers free daily breakfast and a well -stocked bar/lounge containing all the spirits, soft and hard drinks where you can enjoy a sip of your favorite one.
Wifi and the ample parking space are totally free at Cottage Inn.

New Court View Hotel-Masindi
This spa lodge located in Masindi town in Northwestern Uganda just a few kilometers from the Murchison Falls National Park. It is a 4hr drive from Kampala to get to the Park. The Hotel was built in an African styled way with grass thatched roof tops to give you a real African feeling of stay.

The hotel has got self-contained en-suite cottages that are Double/Twin, single and family cottages. These are surrounded by breathtaking gardens where you can go and have some fresh air as you see and enjoy different bird species singing/chirping.

New Court View Hotel has got an excellent Restaurant that serves both local and continental mouthwatering dishes and a fully stocked bar/lounge where you can have a sip of a drink of your choice. It is also facilitated with a conference hall, gift shop and much more. There is also tight security to make your stay at the hotel more secure and comfortable.

Since it is located close to the Murchison Falls National Park, expect Game Drives, Bird Watching, Boat cruises, Guided nature walks and many more activities as you will see them.

Uganda Wildlife Campsite
The Uganda Wildlife Campsite is situated on top of the Murchison Falls National Park in the Southern sector. Its location offers you with panoramic views of the park with lots of different animal and bird species.

For those that enjoy camping, the Uganda Wildlife Campsite is the way to go. Base in a well setup camping tent or a self -contained banda and experience Africa’s Wilderness. Meanwhile in the evenings, you can enjoy stories told by experienced tourist guides and share your safari experience with each other around the campsite fire.

Parkside Safari Lodge
The Parkside Safari Lodge is located at the edge of the Murchison Falls National Park and it’s only a 5min drive from the park.

The lodge has got single, double and family self- contained cottages each with a private veranda where you can base and get stunning views of the Nile including different animals from the park grazing, drinking water and cooling off along the Nile shores. These cottages are far apart from each other to provide privacy and tranquility to visitors.

The Lodge is facilitated with electricity, laundry services, kitchen bar/Lounge and many more facilities and amenities.

Activities like Boat cruise, water rafting, community cultural walks, bird watching, Chimpanzee trekking and other activities are expected since it is located close to the Murchison Falls National Park.

Heritage Safari Lodge
Heritage Safari Lodge is located in Pakwach just 3km from the Tangi gate in the Northern bank of Murchison Falls National Park where game viewing encounters are carried out from.

The accommodation at Heritage Safari Lodge consists of 10 cottages as well as tents all with impressive views of the Albert Nile. You will as well be able to view morning sunrise and the hot spring flowing into the Nile basing at Heritage Safari Lodge. The African Acholi Traditional and architectural crafted cottages stand as single, double, triple, quadruple and family cottages. The step-like thatched huts will bring out a complete African touch feeling.

The cottages have got en-suite bathrooms, standard or shared. There is also free daily housekeeping services, laundry services and fresh percale linen provided.

Heritage Safari Lodge is facilitated with an outstanding onsite Restaurant that prepares both la carte and buffet delicious meals by experienced chefs in Uganda. The bar is well stocked with different drink brands. The Lodge also offers Airport transportation (at a fee), 24hr service desk, free parking as well as free Wi-Fi to keep you in touch with your people at home.

Riverside breakfast, heritage hot springs, Board Games, Fishing, Murchison Falls visit, Nature Walks, Game Drives, Birding, Music, Dance and Drama and more activities should be expected at the Heritage Safari Lodge.

Bwana Tembo Safari Lodge
Bwana Tembo Safari Lodge is located near the Murchison Falls National Park gate in Pakwach in northwestern Uganda. The Lodge’s location offers you magnificent views of the Murchison Falls National Park with different bird species that are always seen jumping and chirping in the lodge premises.

The Lodge has got 6 cottages of which are single, twin/Double and triple cottages which are spaced far apart from each other to offer you privacy. There are 4 twin safari self -contained tents at the upper side of the camp.

Bwana Tembo Safari Lodge offers free onsite parking, daily housekeeping services, and front desk services (This is for limited time). The Lodge is as well facilitated with a restaurant which prepares mouth-watering Italian foods and other dishes. The outstanding bar/lounges at the Lodge has got a wide range of drinks.

Since the lodge is close to the Murchison Falls National Park, activities like fishing, bird Watching, community/Nature Walks, Game Drives, Gorilla Trekking and many more should be expected.

Other budget accommodation in Murchison Falls National Park include;

  • Boomu Women’ group bandas
  • Budongo Eco Lodge
  • Shoebill Campsite
  • Zziwa Rhino Camp
  • Masindi Hotel

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