Located in the southern Part of Uganda, Kibale forest national park is one of the major Tropical Rainforest with patches of savanna grassland ,it is the Primate Capital in East Africa with the highest diversity and concentration of 13 species of Primates .It is home to a large number of endangered red colobus monkey as well as the rare vulnerable L’Hoest’s monkey, 14 species of snakes, 27 species of frogs and toads, at least 20 species of other reptiles and 200 species of butterflies, approximately 229 species of trees.

Other terrestrial mammals that are found within Kibale forest National Park include the red and blue duikers, bushbucks, sitatungas, bush pigs, giant forest hogs, common warthogs, and African buffalo. The Park’s population of elephants travel between the park and Queen Elizabeth National Park, carnivores that are present include leopards, African golden cats, servals, different mongooses and, lions visit the park on occasion.

The park boasts 325 sited species of birds, including the olive long-tailed cuckoo, the yellow spotted nicator, yellow rumped tinkerbird, little greenbul, green breasted pitta, the African pitta, the crowned eagle, two species of pittas (African and green-breasted) and the grey parrot where birders can explore what Kibale Forest has to offer them.

Chimpanzee Trekking is the park’s major attraction since its the major Primate Destination that is known for its delightful apes which are very fun to watch with their expressive deep brown eyes as they squabble and play in fruiting trees.

In the early mornings, while on the way bird lovers are in for a treat with a variety of species beyond offers, other activities such as Hiking and guided nature walks to see the varied habitats found in the forest, rivers, swamp, grassland are also included.

In the dusk, when chimpanzees and other forest residents rest up, rarely seen night creatures becomes active, Night walks through the darkened forest using spotlights to seek nocturnal creatures like Bush Babies, Pottos, Tree Pangolins, the birds that rule the night which is a rewarding activity one ought not to miss.

Other activities include, a view of the Caves like Amabere known for its beauty, natural wonder and cultural legends not too far from Kibale Forest, The Nakayima Witch’s Tree that is a cultural and traditional worship site for the locals. Cultural encounter with the Batooro, the locals in Kibale to witness the daily life of the Batooro during village walks.

Not to leave out the children, there are plenty of Kid-Friendly Things to do that is Bush craft where children can take Bush craft classes and other activities while exploring Kibale Forest.

When the day finally comes to an end, there are best places for accommodation both within and outside the national park to spend the night, that fall in a budget which include luxury safari tents, spacious forest cottages, modern bandas, and a comfortable Sky Tree House. There are also lodges located in the middle of the forest where one can start chimp tracking from, spend the evenings pleasantly with comfort.

Accessibility to the national park is 36 kms south of fort portal. The Kibale forest national park is an experience that is worth a try, one that is life changing.