Ssezibwa Falls - Beautiful scenery

The Ssezibwa Falls situated 20 miles (32km) East of Kampala in Mukono district, got its name from a Luganda word “Sizibibwa kkubo” which means nothing can block my way or path. This was named after the flowing waters had created a path through the existing rocks that had blocked its path for a given period of time. The falls are complemented by the steep ridged rocks and the thick vegetation well exhibited in its natural setting.

The Ssezibwa falls are not only mere falls but are also commonly known for the traditional and cultural bearing to the local people of the surrounding community and to the Baganda in particular due to the myths behind the formation of River Ssezibwa and River Bwanda. These falls are 7m (23ft) high and its falling waters produce a sweet hissing sound and forms a beautiful scenery.

These striking waterfalls are believed to have been born by a human many years ago, and of this fact they are the most spiritual and cultural centre to many people who normally flock it for blessings, wealth and fortunes under the guidance of local traditional healers who always perform cultural ceremonies for those seeking help.

The falls are on River Ssezibwa whose flows start from the wetlands between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga, west of the Victoria Nile to empty in Lake Kyoga. River Bwanda a twin brother to River Ssezibwa flowed in the eastern direction towards Nyenga.

Things to do or engage in and around the Ssezibwa falls
As one of the most popular tourist destination, the falls provide an excellent and convenient place for one to experience the wonders of nature in Uganda.

Among the common activities a tourist would engage in include:

  • Bird watching
  • Rock climbing
  • Community visits
  • Camping
  • Nature guided walks
  • Mountain biking
  • Boat cruise or Canoeing
  • Spotting some wildlife species in the surrounding forest like the bush monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, etc

Note: Of the fact that these water falls were born by a human being, the place was reserved as a Buganda Heritage site.