A visa is a certificate stamped on a passport indicating that the holder is allowed to enter, leave or stay for a specific period of time. The visa can be a Uganda ordinary, tourist visa, business visa, East African visa, all these types of visa can range according to your purpose of travel.

Uganda has the online visa procedures and requirements which makes it easier to visit for pressure or business in the pearl of Africa. During the preparation of travel, you can now buy your visa or apply for a visa online by visiting the web site https://visas.immigration.go.ug/ or visit the Uganda embassy web site.

These steps will help you to get your visa within a period of 3 to 6 days depending on the fee, you will be charged an embassy fee and a service fee before your given one. This fee will be paid according to single entry which takes 3 months stay and multiple entry which takes up to 6 months stay.

Step 1: Application type.
Step 2: Fill the documents which you will find online.
Step 3: Add the documents to prove your travel.
Step 4: Submit the documents to begin your visa acceptance procedures.

You will have to send the following information, please fill out the online application form on the Ugandan embassy website get started by pressing the button above. Once your application is completed you will receive confirmation page and submit that to visa HQ with supporting documents.

Original signed passport of your citizenship country for example United States of America passport with at least 6 months pro to expiration or remaining validity.

Passport type photographs, 2 of them are need for your online visa application.

Procedure of payment, complete and sign the credit card authorization form.

In case your visiting for a trip submit a copy of purchased round trip ticket or itinerary, the applicant’s name and confirmation number must be on the itinerary.

Yellow fever vaccination, submit a copy of your international certificate vaccination (icv) for yellow fever.

A copy of the Hotel which is reserved for your trip with the applicants name on top of the reserved copy.
Note: Information must be true before submitting your required documents.

The following are the Uganda tourist visa fee for your application, this fee will range according to your country of origin for example the citizens of USA will be charged

Entry Months Fee
Single entry 50 USD
Multiple entry 6 months 100 USD
12 months 100 USD
24 months 150 USD

With the above requirements and fee you can have your visa to Uganda without delay and your application will be studied by the immigration officer during approval process though additional information may be required.

All applications must be addressed to the visa department travel with a purpose.