Mountain Rwenzori also known as mountains of the moon is located in Kasese district in the Western part of Uganda bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its highest peak is Margherita which is 5,109meters above sea level. This range mountain is a block of rocks up faulted through the floor of the Western Great Rift Valley. The waterfalls, lakes, glaciers and many more make Rwenzori Mountain one of Africa’s most beautiful alpine areas hence making it a great tourist destination in Uganda and East Africa as a whole.

Hiking is the major tourism activity carried out on the Rwenzori Mountain and greatly liked by many tourists. Hiking the mountains of the moon is as fun as nothing as you climb and walk along the 2300m above sea level trail. This trail goes up to Lake Mahooma and the Buraro Chimp forest through the communities of Kichamba ridge and to the Bundibugo area through Bwamba.

Along the way to the trail through the green canopied Rwenzori Mountain National Forest, you will get a chance to feed and satisfy your eyes with a variety of wildlife in this forest. The expected to be seen include chameleons, squirrels, velvet monkeys, reptiles and many more as you will see them along. You will get a chance to feed your ears with the music from different bird species chirping in the forest.

The main target for the hiking is reaching the summit of the mountain [Margherita]. This peak is snow caped and reaching it will take you typically 6-10days and descend back.

What you need for your hiking activity [Packing list]

  • Headlamp/torch. This is very important and it should not miss out on your packing list as you are coming for your tour. Hikes as you almost approach the mountain summit usually start at night [2am] and torches will be very vital. As Grand tours Africa, we highly recommend headlamps as it makes you hands-free.
  • Scarf. This will help to keep you warm especially during the cold nights and as you approach the high altitudes that are always cold.
  • Sleeping bag. This is where you will sleep when the night comes. We recommend the appropriate ones that are warm enough to pass you through the cold nights.
  • Socks. At least try to pack enough pairs of socks that will be enough to pass you through the whole hiking activity. Please do not also forget to include even the heavy ones that will keep your feet warm at night and as you approach the summit with high altitudes.
  • Ankle gaiters. Crossing streams and rivers along your way to the summit might leave you trousers wet and the shoes inclusively. Therefore to avoid all this, just at least a pair of the ankle gaiters.
  • Hiking shoes/walking boots. Theses must be comfortable enough for you to be able to hike freely without any disturbances.
  • Sun glasses. These are very crucial as they protect you from the sharp light reflections that occur when the sun rays hit the frozen ice in the glaciers.
  • Wide brimmed hat. This will help in preventing sunburns that come from the direct sun rays or reflections.
  • Gloves. Gloves/mittens will help prevent your hands from the forest scratches and even to keep you warm especially in the high altitudes since the higher you go, the cooler it gets.
  • Insect repellants to be used especially in the low range areas of the mountain that are rich in insects.
  • Microfiber small towel to dry off the sweat as you climb up the mountain.
  • You will also need sunscreen to protect your skin from the ultra violet rays.
  • Carry some lip balm with you to avoid dry lips more especially in the higher altitudes.
  • Anti-malarial drugs. Consult your doctor about this before you come for the activity.
  • Wipes shouldn’t miss out in your bag.
  • Water bottles to avoid dehydration.
  • Please also move with some extra medication to help you out on the fatigue, nausea, diarrhea and maybe vomiting that may result from the all-day hiking. These are very rare however they can still occur due to your body adjusting to the changing altitude levels.
  • Lastly, please do not also forget to carry your camera for photography.

For further information or any inquiries about mountain hiking in Uganda or any trip, please feel free to contact Grandnexus Africa. We are readily available for you any time you need us.