Ssese Islands – Uganda’s paradise

Ssese Islands, the only island that is made up of 84 islands is situated in the north western part of Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake in the world in Kalangala district area of Uganda. The islands are one of Uganda’s top tourist destination more especially to the honeymooners of the fact that it has an awesome white sand beaches and surrounded with a great forest scenery.

The Island was initially occupied by the Bassese people that are closely related to the Baganda. The Bassese men had huge chests with tough muscles and the women had long breasts. The Basese believed in traditional gods, maybe which is why the islands are associated with spirituality.

The Ssese Islands groups.
Ssese islands are also sub grouped into two regions or groups that is the south western group referred to as the Bulala group with Bulala island as the main island in the group. The other main islands in this group include Bubeke, Bubembe, Bufumira, Bugaba, Bukasa, Buyova, Funve and Serinya.

The second group is the north eastern group which is referred to as the Koome group with Koome island as the largest island in the group. The other main islands in this eastern group include Damba, Koome and Luwaji.

The Ssese Island has beautiful white sandy beaches, exotic plants and flowers, palms, tropical forest filled with primate species such as monkeys and wildlife like sitatunga antelopes and a variety of bird species.

Things to do on the Island.
Being a perfect holiday destination, Ssese islands have a variety of activities one can engage in more so to travellers from their long safaris and adrenalin activities who need to wind down and relax before you travel back home.

Some of the activities include;

  • Boat sailing and sunset cruises
  • Relax and chill out on the Island
  • Quad biking through quaint fishing villages, forests and even on beaches.
  • Nature walks through the great forest
  • Explore the 84 islands that make up Ssese Island
  • Cycling around given route
  • Fishing on Lake Victoria (Either a tilapia or a Nile perch)
  • Night beach bonfires
  • Bird watching and many more activities.

NB: those interested in swimming, it may not be possible due to the risks of bilharzia and some occasional crocodiles and hippos.

How to get there?
A ferry connects the Islands from Bukakata, while small wooden boats run from Kasenyi. This take around 35 minutes from Kampala.

You can also use a chartered plane to the Island.

Accommodation options.
For budget – look out for Panorama cottages or Mirembe resort and for the high end look for the fairly Brovad Sands Lodge.