Lake Ihema one of the famous lakes in Rwanda the land of a thousands is situated in the southern part of the Akagera national park in the savannah region of the eastern province of Rwanda. Akagera river feeds a complex of dozen lakes that include lake Ihema.

Lake Ihema is the biggest in the park and covers an area of about 90 square kilometres with a depth that varies from 5-7 m depending on the area and the season. The eastern lake shore also forms the border between the Republic of Tanzania and Rwanda.

Lake Ihema is also rich in biodiversity except for the fish since it is a home to crocodiles and hippos. Its also gifted with 550 species of birds including, the papyrus Ganolex, the shoebill, and the endemic species including the jacanas, Ibis, plovers, herons, Malachite Kingfisher, and Hawk.

There are always scheduled boat trips on Lake Ihema that attract a number of tourists who would like to increase on their spots and in particular engaging in the fishing activity on the lake. Tilapias are one of the common fish species caught from the lake.