Birding Samuka Island Jinja


Birding Samuka Island Jinja is one of Uganda’s unique getaway destinations. A gentle boat trip from Rumors pub at the Source of the River Nile will take you to the island.

Samuka Island is one of the only true of-shore resorts in Jinja. It’s seated on a 15-acre piece of land and wholly occupied by the resort. Samuka Island offers a unique opportunity to escape and relax in total peace and tranquility. Samuka Island is a unique and possibly one of Uganda’s ultimate getaway destinations for bird lovers

The island has got cottages, a lovely swimming pool, restaurant, and bar. Outdoor games like volleyball and football are available. It’s also very ideal for those into camping.

Jinja Boat Cruise to Samuka Island Itinerary

Depart from the Jinja Sailing Club on a 12 seater capacity Boat in the picture above. We sail down to the Source of the Mighty River Nile and thereafter embark on another 45-minute sail to Samuka Island, here we take a view and picture moments of the Island while on the Boat. While at Island you will have an opportunity to spot over 50 species of migratory and resident birds found on Samuka Island. The island is now one of two known breeding sites for long-tailed cormorants and little egrets in Uganda. The bird species to look out for include the African mourning dove, Swamp flycatcher, grey-headed kingfisher, African skimmer, malachite and pied kingfishers, white-winged terns, Grey-capped Warbler, collared pratincole, Pin-tailed whydah, martial eagle, Gabon, and slender-tailed nightjars, black-headed gonolek, Verreaux’s eagle-owl, sedge warbler, papyrus canary, great white and pink-backed pelicans, African mourning dove and yellow-billed stork. Also, look out for the flamingos at the salt lakes of Katwe and Bunyampaka. Thereafter embark on another 3O minute boat ride as we return to the sailing club

Samuka Island is a place to retreat, and retreat from everything. For travelers with a yearning to get off the beaten track, Samuka opens up a whole new world of adventure for you.