Water bodies occupy over 20% of Uganda’s total land mass which makes her one of the best Boat Cruise Tourism destinations in Africa featured by rivers, lakes and swamps.

It is one of the activities that any Uganda tourist shouldn’t ever miss out for a spiced up tour experience. Nothing is amazing and fun like being in a midst of a water body, surrounded by Colligated or calm blue waters with scenic views of the surroundings while taking pictures basing on a boat.

Some of Uganda’s water bodies include the River Nile (Uganda’s largest river), R. katonga, R. Ssezibwa, R. Kagera, R. Rwizi and other small rivers. The lakes include; L. Victoria (uganda’s biggest lake), L. George, L. Mburo, L. Bunyonyi, L. Wamala and other small lakes together with a big number of swamps.

Most of the outstanding National Game Parks in Uganda overlook either a lake, river or a swamp. Several bird species, primates and other animals from the parks are always spotted along these water bodies’ banks grazing, drinking water or cooling off in the water. The only way to view and clearly photograph these animals is through boat cruising.

The Boat Cruise activity is mainly done on the following water bodies;
Murchison Falls
Murchison Falls also known as Kabalega Falls lies between Lake Kyoga and Lake Albert on the Victoria Nile (biggest River in Uganda). So far the Nile accommodates the biggest number of boat cruises in Uganda because of its proximity size. It is surrounded by Murchison Falls National Park in the Northwestern part of Uganda lying at the arm of the great African Rift Valley.

Your boat cruise trip will go downstream to the Lake Victoria Delta stretching to the shores of River Albert accompanied by a clear view of the Murchison Falls al Park. You will as well be able to view a number of different bird species on the river shores. Some of the birds usually spotted include the Goliath heron, shoebill stork, kingfishers, African fish eagle, the Uganda kob and so much more along your way as you stretch to the River Albert shores.

Water animals like the hippos, crocodiles, buffalos and many others are also spotted. Enjoy photogenic moments with the elephants, giraffes, lions, buffalos and many more along the River Nile shores in search for food, drinking water and sometimes cooling off especially in the hot weather.

Note; There are 2 boat cruise shifts in a day on the Nile. The morning shift which kicks off at 9:00am and the evening shift that kicks off at 2:00pm. Each Trip goes up to 4-5hrs.

Lake Mburo
Lake Mburo is found in western Uganda overlooking Lake Mburo National Park. This park is the smallest park in Uganda BUT very rich in biodiversity. Lake Mburo is a home to water animals like Hippos, crocodiles, lizards as well as a variety of different bird species. A number of animals from the Lake Mburo National Park come along the lake shores to get drinking water, food and cooling off especially when the weather is hot.

Kazinga Channel
The Kazinga Channel if found in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It connects Lake Edward and Lake George in Uganda. The boat cruise trip along this Channel starts off from the Mweya peninsular into Lake Edward and it lasts for only 2hrs.

The Kazinga channel and Queen Elizabeth National Park are great spots for birds. For the bird watch lovers, you have been covered. Come see, experience and enjoy photogenic moments with over 60 bird species. It’s also a great opportunity to clearly sight different mammals like the elephants, antelopes, hippos and many others from the Park that come along the channel shores for grazing, drinking water or cooling off after a long day.

What is the best time for a Boat Cruise Safari in Uganda?

There is no specific time for boat cruise Safaris in Uganda as it can be done all year round. The weather conditions in Uganda are very favorable thought the year. However, as Grandnexus Africa, we recommend months January, February, June, July, August and December as there are always fewer rains and the National Parks situated at these water bodies are a bit dry. This enables you to get a clear sight of a number of different animals from the park as they crowd along the water bodies’ shores in search for food, drinking water and cooling.

Other boat cruise destinations in Uganda include Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda which as well offer outstanding Boat Cruise Safari experience to tourists.

What you need to carry for a Boat Cruise Safari?

  • A photographic camera
  • Binoculars
  • Sun glasses just in case of a hot weather
  • A jacket since the water breeze is usually cold. And in case of rain that day.

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact Grandnexus Africa through email or a direct phone call. We reply within the shortest time possible!!