Mid-Range accommodation in the Murchison Falls National Park offer tourists with an excellent base for a Safari and a close encounter to the wildlife even before you head for your Safari. The facilities and services offered at these accommodations are very outstanding yet at a pocket friendly cost.

These include the following;

Murchison River Lodge
Murchison River Lodge is situated on the Southern bank of the River Nile overlooking Murchison Falls National Park. The thatched cottages and thatched safari tents and simple camping tents are positioned in harmonious savannah and clean environment to offer you splendid comfort and great relaxation.

It is a well facilitated Lodge with an excellent swimming pool, a pool lounge, well stocked bar, Restaurant, en-suite bathrooms, outside private verandas all offering breathtaking views of wildlife animals like the famous hippos, elephants, buffalos that come along the River shores in search for food, drinking water and cooling off in the hot seasons.

Murchison River Lodge is the way to go because it is facilitated with a playing ground for those who come along with their kids.

Pakuba Safari Lodge
Pakuba Safari Lodge is situated on the Eastern Bank of the Albert Nile in the Murchison Falls National Park overlooking the spectacular River Nile. Its location offers you panoramic views of the mighty River Nile and a chance to sight riverine animals like the giraffes, elephants, antelopes that are spotted along the Nile shores even before heading for your safari. However, leopards are as well be sighted although on rare occasions.

Pakuba Safari Lodge is well facilitated and offers bountiful services that will make you experience Africa’s natural wonders/wilderness in comfort and style. The Lodge has over 41 en-suite guest rooms each with a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi and so much more. It has as well got an outstanding swimming pool and so many other facilities all of which offer you impressive scenic and wildlife views.

Budongo Eco Lodge
This Lodge is located in the heart of Budongo Central Forest Reserve with in the Murchison Falls National Park boundaries in the Northwestern Uganda. It is just a 41hour drive and 42.7km away from the park. Its location provides you with breathtaking views of the Bodongo forest canopy.

Budongo Eco Lodge offers simple but comfortable accommodation cabins that contain large room suitable for those that come in groups. It has got well furnished rooms with double beds, mosquito nets and private verandas where you can relax and have an excellent view of the superb forest canopy.

If provides free internet to visitors. This is available in all the rooms and all the public places. For those that enjoy continental meals, Budongo Eco Lodge has got you covered.

It provides a comfortable base for forest exploration. Come enjoy Chimpanzee Trekking, Forest walks and many other activities that this lodge offers.

Amuka Safari Lodge.
Amuka Safari Lodge is a spacious lodge found in Nakasongola District near the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. For the best Rhino experience, Amuka Safari Lodge is the place to stay.

Amuka Safari Lodge is designed mostly for family travelers. The stone and timber crafted chalets are built in a way that will give you the most splendid comfort and relaxation you need on your safari. There are over 10 family chalets with 3beds and 06 standard chalets with one bedroom and a sitting room. Each chalet is self-contained with en-suite bathrooms with flushing toilets.

Amuka Lodge is facilitated with an outstanding Restaurant, a well-stocked bar, sparkling Swimming pool all with sweeping views of the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Activities like Guided Nature Walks, Guided night walks, Bird watching, on foot Rhino Trekking, canoeing and many more activities should be expected at the Lodge.

Twiga Safari Lodge
Twiga Safari Lodge is situated on the Bank of the River Nile in Mubaako Paraa just opposite Murchison Falls National Park. It is a 5minute drive to the Park.

It is a well facilitated Lodge offering free Wi-Fi that enables you share your adventurous moments with your people back at home.

This Lodge is in well relaxation environment of Uganda’s wildlife where you will be able to sight some monkeys and various bird species freely moving through the lodge grounds. Guests are as well able to view different park animals lounging in the river during the day grazing around the lodge at night.

Twiga Safari Lodge also gives you an excellent view of the sunrise and sunset while enjoying game activities.

Sambiya River Lodge
Sambiya River Lodge is situated in the heart of Murchison Falls National Park in the Northwestern part of Uganda. It is located a few kilometers from the ferry crossing area, the top of the Murchison Falls and Budongo forest. The Lodge is a very convenient base to catch up with the Park activities like the Chimpanzee Trekking, boat cruise, visiting the top falls and many more.

Sambiya River Lodge is well facilitated with a restaurant that prepares all your desired meals including the African dishes which you may have a taste of Ugandan local dishes. Special meal arrangement can also be done on special orders.

It also offers free internet, outstanding swimming pool, a well-stocked bar and so many more all giving a panoramic view of the Park.

Parkside Safari Lodge
Parkside is situated on the shores of Lake Albert, 2km away from the Tangi gate of Murchison Falls National Park. it’s location on the Lake shores makes it a breathtaking place for bird Watching because of the many different bird species that are always spotted along the shores including the Lodge’s premises. The commonly spotted birds include the rare shoebill the eagles, Uganda Kob and so much more that will wake you up chattering in the mornings.

Animals like Elephants, Jackson Heart beasts, Buffalos, oribis and many more from the Park are as well spotted at the lake shores quenching thirst and cooling off.

Parkside Safari Lodge has got single, Double/Twin and family cottages built in African traditional style to give you a sense of true African wilderness feeling. Each hatched cottage is self-contained with a private bathroom, flushing toilets, verandah and a bike outside where you can cycle to the main Lodge area. The cottages are far spaced from each other in favor of those who love privacy.

Parkside Safari Lodge is well facilitated with an outstanding Restaurant which will serve you with mouthwatering meals as you enjoy a drink from the well-stocked bar with different drink options.

It provides free internet, laundry services, Electricity, a kitchen, wheel chair accessibility and a 24/7 security.
For those who love sport fishing, Hot air ballooning, Boat cruises, Nature guided walks, White water rafting, community cultural visits, bird watching and Game Drives, Chimpanzee Trekking, Parkside Safari Lodge is the way to go.

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