Kyambura gorge is an underground forest commonly referred as “the valley of apes”. Kyambura gorge is located in Queen Elizabeth national park Uganda’s most popular and famous national park. Queen Elizabeth national park was established in 1952 and it was called kazinga national park, later renamed Queen Elizabeth after the visit of the Queen Elizabeth of England after two years and thus 1954.

Kyambura Gorge is referred as Kyambura Game Reserve, the valley forest is the mainstream and supporting Queen Elizabeth National Park in the country. The gorge is an outstanding spot for trekking chimpanzees, unbelievable apes that are close relatives of human beings with 99.8 0f the human DNA. These primates can be seen moving around the forest hoping from one to tree to another looking for food and relaxing since that’s their daily life.

Kyambura gorge is located in the North-Eastern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park: approximately 30 km and 35 minutes’ drive from the park headquarters. Kyambura Gorge traverses a separation of 11 km and connections to the Kazinga Channel, which forms the northern limit of the hold, some trading centres and villages are located in the south part of the park.

The underground forest is 100 m underneath the Kichwamba escarpment, the site is well known for its occupant chimpanzees. Some of them are habituated and can be followed through the timberland with prepared Uganda wildlife Authority (UWA) guides. Booking in advance is highly recommended because chimpanzee tracking permits can be purchased from UWA. Each permit cost USD $50 per person per trek for foreign non-residents.

Kyambura gorge forest is home to primates like chimpanzees, a number of birds since the park hosts over 600 species of birds plus wildlife species like plants and attractive flowers. Other important primates of the forest include; the red-tailed monkey, high contrast Columbus, vervet monkeys and baboons.

The Kyambura Gorge is more of the adventure while finding chimpanzees in their natural setting or environment. Kyambura Gorge climatic is simply unique because of underground forest with all features of the rift valley and the Kichwamba escarpment, plus the rain timberland, including vegetation sorts, winged animal distinguishing proof and conduct plus chimpanzee and monkey nature.

Hearing and seeing our inaccessible cousins as they are habituated in the forest is an awesome activity in one’s entire life. Visits last in the vicinity of one and three hours, chimpanzee tracking activity start at 8am that is morning session and 2pm afternoon session every day.

Nature walks through the gorge forest enables you to view different primates and the many bird species found in the forest within the gorge itself. The pass way to the canyon is additionally a wonderful spot for a picnic/cookout moment.

The Kyambura gorge is one of a kind fascination as it gives great perspectives to the visitors down the forest which offers great photograph and video taking views. Primate watch survey of Black and white Columbus monkeys, goliath woods swine’s and the red-followed monkeys another animal’s seen make your trip memorable.