The Maramagambo Forest is located on the out skirts of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the park is well known for tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector the south of Queen Elizabeth National park.

The name Maramagambo came from a customary story where group of young people got lost in the woodlands, taking them many days to finally find their way back to their homes or neighbourhoods. It comes from the African version of the Hansel and Gretel tale. The young ones suffered to come out of the forest and the people nearby/neighbouring named it “Maramagambo” a local work which means out of words or a misfortune that is hard to explain.

The young ones were extremely exhausted and were out of words because of staying in the forest for so long. The Maramagambo Forest moves from the edge of Kichwamba escarpment all through to the Lake Edward offering the best view to the park.

The Maramagambo forest is an interest area for hiking and enjoying nature walks within which takes half an hour to and from depending on the visitors program of the day. The half day treks offer you a chance to find the portions of crater lakes as one move to various forest trial.

The forest consist of 7 diverse primate species which you may spot amidst your guided nature walks and these include ; Chimpanzees which makes the area famous for its chimpanzee trekking, plus Black and White Colobus Monkeys, L’Hoest’s Monkeys, Baboons, Red Tailed Monkeys, Blue Monkeys, and the Vervet Monkeys. The woodland is environmental conducive for the 2 night species thus the Pottos and the Bush babies.

There are different Forest, water and savannah Bird species found here in the forest because these is nearer the best birding site hosting over 600 species of birds.

Birders will observe a number of important and interesting birds, and in this timberland forest making it a perfect site to see an assorted variety of animal species like the Rwenzori Turaco, the White Naped Pigeons, the Forest Flycatchers plus others.

Maramagambo Forest is the perfect place for you to appreciate a recreational woodland walk in the forest searching for primates, joining trail to trail, as you enjoy bird sounds hooting from tree canopies most rewarding experience to enjoy nature and the beauty of the country side. This is extremely classic moment when you are out of polluted environment of Kampala and other city, here we are completely free from noise and air pollution.

The forest acts as a stopover from Kampala – kasese via Mbabara route, include it on your gorilla trekking and wildlife safari to Uganda. Maramagombo forest give you a beautiful scenic view of Queen Elizabeth national park and the surrounding unique feature of the area like the Lake Edward and the escarpment.

There are buses in Kampala’s parks for public means and private means can arranged from various companies and offices in various cities and towns of the country. These buses travel back and forth daily. The nearest route is one from Kampala through Mbarara and Bushenyi. But you can opt to take that from Kampala through Fort-Portal, to Kasese and Bushenyi.

There is an airstrip at Mweya found in the Queen Elizabeth National Park served by sanction flights secretly organized from Entebbe international airport which takes approximately between 1-2 hours. And also flight from Entebbe or Kajjansi to Kasese air strip and then transfer by Road to the forest.