Buffalos are one of the Africa’s big 5 animals weighing over 680kilograms with a life span of around 15-25 years. An African buffalo is a cow-like mammal with a gestation period of 11.5 months. It has got thick horns coming out sideways on the top of its skull.

African male and female buffalos have both got horns only that the males develop a shield across their foreheads and the females are significantly smaller than the males.

These unpredictable and defensive natured mammals have got different species of which are;

  • Large savannah buffalos
  • Small forest buffalos

African cape buffalos feed exclusively on fresh green grass and they are as well herbivores in nature. They are one of the most feared and dangerous animals in Uganda and Africa at large. They are less threatened by other prey feeding mammals like lions and water crocodiles because of their big size, In case of any threat or attack on one buffalo, the rest come in to give protection to the victim.

Cape buffalos move and work in herds. They form different herds and these are mainly for protection or defensive purposes. One is a family herd which consists of only the calves and the females, while the bachelor herd consists of males only.

Calves are always in the center/middle of the female herd for protection. Once the male calves develop into adult buffalos, they are forced to go and join the male bachelor herd.

Where to find cape buffalos in Uganda

African buffalos can be sighted on a Game Drive in only places that have got water or mad in them as they so much love wallowing in mud. This becomes a great opportunity for tourists to closely see them. These include;

Conclusively, one shouldn’t miss out on seeing the African buffalos as they always leave a memorable/unforgettable experience to tourists

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