Leopards fall under the big 5 animals of wildlife. They have got a rose-like appearance because of their distinctive dark spots on their body. Leopards are too speedy when it comes to running whereby they can run up to around 36meters per hour.

These nocturnal creatures can survive well in both warm and cold temperatures which makes savannah grasslands their preferred habitants, however still you may not easily spot them wondering around.

Leopards spend most of their time hiding in caves as a way of protecting themselves from the lions which always hunt them down for food. Hunters are also a big threat to them as they kill them for their beautiful rose-like fur.

These solitary behavior animals come out of their hiding at night to also go hunt and feed their empty stomachs. Antelopes, fish, birds, monkeys and reptiles are their favorite prey which they usually enjoy from up the trees. The comfortably sit and enjoy their hunted and killed prey from the tree branches. They eat from here to avoid disturbances from the hyenas from eating up their prey.

Where to see leopards in Uganda?

  • Murchison falls National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Kidepo valley National Park
  • Lake Mburo National Park

Note: Leopard sighting can only be done on a nocturnal game drive with the help of the park Ranger or guide. Contact us today and we make for you all the necessary arrangements.

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